Gift Day 2021 – 18th September 2021

St James will be holding our annual Gift Day during our ‘Heritage Open Day’

Replenishing funds depleted by the pandemic.

Our reserve funds have been depleted to the tune of about £8000 owing to shortfalls in income during the pandemic. This has been covered by using money we had allocated to improving the church building as a facility for our community, by putting in disabled toilet, kitchenette and more efficient heating. We hope that any who value the church and have not been negatively, financially affected will be happy to give something toward replenishing our funds and enabling us to be in the position to develop the church and to keep it useful to our community into the future.

For information on how to give and further information about our finances please see the Gift Day Donations page (in the menu) or contact us.

Heritage Open Day

This annual event allows people to access our church and to discover more of the wonderful heritage and stories that are in it and surround it.